History of KSC Province 29

At a historic meeting held at the KSC Club on January 15, 1954, the Supreme Knight carried out a triple ceremony – the first of its PGK
Current Provincial Grand Knight
kind in the Order – in which he installed the 33 Officers of the three Westminster Provinces, Central (No. 11), Northern (No. 29) and Western (No. 30). These Provinces were at that time headed by Provincial Deputies.

The Order came to the southern part of England on November 10, 1923 when Council No. 66 was erected at Westminster Cathedral Hall. The expansion in the London area was so rapid that Brentwood, Westminster and Southwark Provinces Nos. 1o, 11 and 12 respectively were formed in May 1926.

This growth continued so much in all three Provinces that by 1953, Westminster had 50 subordinate Councils, and as the administration of these was almost a full-time job for the Provincial Deputy and his colleagues, it was decided to sub-divide the Westminster Province into three.

There have been 12 Provincial Deputies during the 30 years existence of whom all but the first – Bro D, J. Murphy (R.I.P) are still members, including the Supreme Knight, Bro. T.J.T. Menemy, Supreme Chancellor, Bro G. H. Windsor, Supreme Treasurer, Bro H.T. Gutteridge, Supreme Director, Bro F. J. Mildner and Past Deputy Supreme Knight, Bro J. J. Gibbons.

Since the Province sprung from Council No. 66, it is perhaps appropriate that the last of its Provincial Deputies, Bro J. P. Steacy is a member of that Council.

As previously reported, the sub-divisions took place on January 1 1954. The three Provinces have 22, 14 and 14 Councils respectively and arrangements are in hand for the formation of six new Councils in the three Provinces.

The Provincial Deputies were Bros. J. H. Mildner (No. 15), A.J. Riley (No. 29) and J.E. Aylett (No. 30). At the January 15 ceremony, the Supreme Knight presented a Past Provincial Deputy’s Collarette and Jewel to Bro. J. P. Steacy, P.P. D..